Wonder Williams and The B strain review

Alright, I picked this stuff up this past Wednesday. Let me tell you, if you’re on a high horse…expect both of these to knock you off. The B is a sativa, weighing in at 24.87% of thc and man let me tell you…this stuff had me high as fuck for hours. I had rolled me one for the trip back home and was unable to smoke half the blunt I rolled up. The aromas this stuff had was skunky with a hint of citrus. The feeling that you get from this strain is of a stagnant but functional. I’ve been working while buzzed on reefer since high school and this is definetly a clock burner if you take a couple hits before you punch your clock, it’ll be time to punch out in no time. 

         Wonder Williams is of indica genetics and is highly recommended for before dinner and before bedtime to say the least. Weighing in at 22.72% THC, it’ll definitely have you not wanting to do anything but sleep or focus on your PS4. The aromas of this stuff had a stinch of espresso and the after hints of a dragon fruit. 

     Both of these strains can be picked up at Headquarters Cannabis Co. in Boulder, Colorado.