It’s legal?!

For starters, marijuana is legal for medical use in the state of Connecticut as of late August of this year. All Americans who are residents of that state, with a doctors note, are able to go to a pot shop, and get there hands on the most natural form of medicine around.

What’s baffling is, how’s one supposed to go about getting some after have being approved? You see, as of now I know that the state said they were only going to give out 3 permits and see how supply and demand goes. Check this though…

In order to be a supplier or distributor, one must be a citizen of that state. Not only does your record have to be clean, you also need to be in touch with the big buck$. From a cheap $25,000 application fee, one time nonrefundable $75,000 processing fee, and last but not least….$2 million dollars in escrow with the state.

If that doesn’t sound ridiculous then I have no clue what is. I was born in this state, yeah I thought about it…but not having access to millions is the problem. I’ve got a whole business plan surrounding medical marijuana. From delivery food services to opening a small wake & bake cafe early mornings exclusively to patients only.

The recreational ordeal is another ball game. I’d love to here back from you all!! Don’t be afraid to put your word in. I adore feed back!